Bless the Elderly With Letters, Cards


Are you looking for a good activity for your children? Do you want to bless others, especially the elderly, during this stressful time when the Coronavirus has everyone sheltering in place?

Natasia Kissinger, who founded Choose the Child in 2002, has shared a special activity with us from her Footprints for Life curriculum. It simply involves letter writing, and it is a good activity for children of all ages.

“Our elderly are full of history, wisdom, and joy,” she said. “Many can’t have visitors at this time, and I’m sure they are worried and scared. The lesson here is for parents to discuss with their children why their grandparents have value.”

Kissinger is dedicated to educating children on the value of life and how important it is to love and respect others. She said now it is especially important to share love with the elderly, whether grandparents, neighbors, or others you may not even know.

“A simple activity is to write letters and draw pictures,” she said. “Send them to the homes of elderly in your neighborhood. It’s a sign of comfort and love to them.”

Letters can also be sent to a nursing home. (Click here for list of homes in Louisiana). However, if you plan to send to a specific nursing home, check with them first. Some homes are not accepting mail but welcome letters through email they can print and give to residents.

You don’t have to know who gets the cards.

“Jesus is going to put your letters, cards, and prayers with the right person,” she said.

Letters can be simple. Cards can also be written with the simple message: You are Loved. They will certainly be posted on refrigerators and other places to remind the recipient that he or she is not alone.

Kissinger’s website,, includes a “Loving the Elderly” activity page. You can access it by clicking here.

You can also watch her talk about this project on Facebook (click here).