Cabrini Students Display Cool Before You Were Born Banner

Cabrini High School displayed Louisiana Right to Life’s “Cool Before You Were Born” banner in the school cafeteria for two weeks recently, and Sister Renee, pro-life moderator at Cabrini, said the banner was a great reminder of the pro-life movement for all of the students who didn’t make the trip to Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life.

Louisiana Right to Life designed this banner to be displayed by anyone at their events or schools. It features clear and precious pictures of fetal development with descriptions of unique facts at various stages of development on an eye-catching modern backdrop.

Please contact Alex Seghers at to reserve this display at  your school cafeteria, hall, or classroom or  your church or other community function. A representative of Louisiana Right to Life will bring the banner and set it up in your selected spot. This beautiful pop-up banner is fitting during times of typical pro-life awareness and also serves as a fitting reminder to always uphold the dignity of even the smallest human life.