Calling All Imperfect Families!

By Brian Gunter
Director of Outreach, Louisiana Right to Life

If you are like me, you think it is wonderful that there are families who open their homes and their lives to children in foster care. But how could you possibly take on such a responsibility? Aren’t foster parents like superheroes with powers of extraordinary patience and infinite energy? Well no, actually, they are regular parents just like you and me who have answered the call to care for children in a time of need.

Currently, there are more than 4,500 Louisiana children in foster care. About 1,000 of those children are ready for adoption, and the others need a foster family to care for them so that they can hopefully return home to their biological family one day. Foster families can provide temporary care until these children are reunited with their family, or they can adopt a child into their family as their own son or daughter.

For those who are interested in adoption, they should keep in mind that adopting a child out of the foster care system is completely free of charge for the adoptive family. Your family can foster a child who is available for adoption for at least six months, and then decide if your home is a match for that child’s forever family.

Is it easy to be a foster parent? No. Every foster child comes from a unique background and has his or her own personality. Like all children, some require more attention than others, but they are all precious children who need a loving home. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, then you can contact to begin your foster journey.