Can You Donate, Help Us Pass the Love Life Amendment?

By Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director

Last Monday, the Supreme Court overturned our common-sense law and sided with the abortion industry over the safety of women.

We are reminded yet again of the power five judges have over this country. They usurped the legislative process and made their own rules.

And the lives of generations of babies and women remain at risk.

We know every time we try to pass a pro-life law in our pro-life state, that law will be challenged and subject to the whims of a few judges.

But we finally have an opportunity to do something that is not subject to judges. We finally have the opportunity to show Louisiana’s pro-life values in a way that cannot be overturned.

This fall, on the Nov. 3 presidential ballot, you will have the opportunity to vote on a pro-life constitutional amendment called the “Love Life Amendment.” This is a crucial effort to protect unborn babies and their mothers.

You see, the state Supreme Courts in 13 other states have found a “right to abortion” in their state’s constitution. We can’t let this happen in Louisiana! If we want generations of lives saved and our state’s constitution protected from rogue judges, then we must get the word out and PASS the Love Life Amendment!

But here’s the problem: pro-abortion groups, likely with out-of-state money, will fight us. In Alabama in 2018, for instance, pro-abortion groups spent more than $1.5 million to fight a similar amendment there!!

We recently learned that the pro-abortion group in Louisiana that will fight the Love Life Amendment is called “Louisiana for Personal Freedom.” Their goal is to “ultimately defeat ACT 447 the constitutional amendment banning the right to abortion in the state of Louisiana.”

They will try to stop our Love Life Amendment. They will have funds to do so. Will we have your support to fight for life?

Louisiana Right to Life and our Pro-Life Amendment Coalition are working hard to pass the Love Life Amendment. Now, we need you to help us win for life! We must get the word out throughout the state, rural and urban areas alike. In order to do that, we need the funds to fight the abortion industry and get pro-life voters to the polls.

 With your help, we will reach voters statewide and inspire our pro-life majority to vote. Every cent of your donation will go toward getting this amendment passed.

You have the opportunity to save generations of lives. You can help right now. Please click here to make your Love Life donation and be a part of this amazing opportunity.

The Supreme Court has unjustly stopped our law. But they can’t stop our love for life! You have been a part of this movement. You are a part of this generation chosen to stand up for life. You have this opportunity right now. Please show your love for life and donate!

Your donation of $25, $50 or even $100 will make a difference. Your generosity will get the word out and make Louisiana a safe haven for mothers and children.

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