Diaper & Formula Drive with Tiger Athletes!

On October 23rd of 2022, Louisiana Black Advocates for Life (LBAL) hosted a special Diaper, Formula, and Baby Supply Distribution in Baton Rouge to help local needy babies and families. They distributed over 200 boxes of baby supplies to families!  Many of the families said how much they needed the help and appreciated the support.

LBAL was joined by purple and gold athletes in distributing the supplies to families.  The athletes included Dorian Camel (track & field), John Emery (football running back), Emery Jones (football offensive line), Chris Hilton, Jr (football wide receiver), Jay Ward (football safety), Kennedi Sanders (track & field), Ayana Cherry (former women’s basketball), and Jarell Cherry (former football defensive line).

Tara Wicker, State Director of Louisiana Black Advocates for Life, said the following about the event,

“Often moms are faced with significant challenges of how to afford caring for their babies. The goal of this event is to make sure that these moms know that they are not alone and that they have a community of support and services waiting to help them when they need help the most. As a mother of six children, I know first-hand how difficult at times caring for a newborn can be. Without opportunities to work, and struggles with transportation, many moms can feel hopeless, often without knowledge and information on what may be available. We are here to give them hope and help while caring for the most precious citizens of our community.

At the event, Tiger’s running back John Emery said,

“You know, some people can’t afford a lot of, you know, everything and, you know, some people can’t even have babies’ showers. So, I feel like this is. I’m just so thankful to be a part of, you know, give back, you know.

Former LSU basketball player, Ayana Cherry, also said,

“Because I am a black woman. Right. And especially within our generation, you know, we just want to make sure that they know that they are cared for, that they are loved, and they have these extra resources that are available to them. And so that’s so important for me.”

Louisiana State University athletes, Southern University athletes, and Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Church volunteered to host the event.

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