Power of the Plate

As we have mentioned, not only does the plate provide much needed funds to agencies helping women choose life, but they spread the message of life on the road. 

Choose Life plate testimony:

I went in to have my oil changed at a quick lube shop in town.  When the attendant came out to find out what I wanted and get my license plate, he came back and mentioned that he had noticed my license plate and had a close friend who was six months pregnant and her boyfriend was threatening her life if she didn’t get an abortion.  He said he really didn’t know what he could do. He seemed so distressed.  I told him that she had other options and could get counseling for free if she chose to do so.  I asked him if he would like the number of the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Baton Rouge and he said yes.  When he returned my car, I gave him a slip of paper with the number on it.   He was grateful and thanked me.  If I had not had a Choose Life license plate on my vehicle this interaction never would have happened.  Whether or not the girl called the number or not, I sensed that God was using that license plate to communicate and allow that young man to enter into the conversation we did.  Maybe a life was spared.  Thanks for all your work on this project.  May God encourage your heart and renew your strength.  (submitted by KG)