Governor Hosts Bill Signing for Abortion by Fraud Act

On Tuesday, May 28th, Governor Jeff Landry hosted a bill signing ceremony for the Abortion by Fraud Criminalization Act (SB 276). Sen. Thomas Pressly was inspired to author the legislation after his sister, Catherine Herring, unknowingly drank a drink that was spiked by her then-husband with abortion drugs. Her now former husband then proceeded to crush up and put misoprostol in seven of her drinks and instructed her to “chug faster.”

Thankfully, Catherine realized what he was doing and did not drink the other drinks, and instead, took the abortion-pill reversal regimen. Her daughter, Josephine, is alive today because of her quick action.

The legislation is also the first of its kind in the country because it adds abortion pills to Schedule IV of the Controlled Substance List.

It was added because Sen. Pressly recognized that there is an abortion-pill crisis in Louisiana, with minors obtaining the drugs online, people purchasing them on the streets and in bulk opening the door for predators of any kind to utilize them to hurt women and girls.

At the signing, Gov. Landry said: “There has been a lot of misinformation around this country about this bill. This is absolutely a protective measure that protects women in the state of Louisiana. I’m certainly proud to sign this bill and to stand with women here in the state of Louisiana and thank the Senate and the legislature for bringing it.” The Biden-Harris Administration posted statements about its passage calling it “unconscionable.”

Senate Bill 276 in the Media

There has been local and national press regarding the now law and Louisiana Right to Life has worked diligently to clarify and refute the fear-mongering and lies being told to Louisiana citizens. We even provided the media with an Investigative Report on the Rampant Abuse of Abortion Drugs.

Below is a sample of our responses to media inquires from recent weeks. Sarah Zagorski, the Communications Director for Louisiana Right to Life, said the following:

  • The bill means “giving law enforcement more authority to stop the abuse of distribution of the pills on the streets and online. The bill should not affect prescribing physicians or pregnant women who are not seeking an abortion but need the medication to deal with complications or labor.”  –The New York Times 
  • “The use of these drugs for legitimate health-care needs will still be available, just like all other controlled substances are still available for legitimate uses. Through our knowledge of other stories, and from the testimony of local centers in Louisiana caring for women in these situations, the abuse of abortion pills is not isolated to Herring’s situation. It is very simple for a man to pose as a woman to order these pills online without a prescription, even for a minor, and then to pressure a woman to take the pills.” –The Washington Post 
  • “The bill would stop the abortion industry from profiting off of abuse and trafficking of vulnerable women through their flagrantly illegal distribution of pills.” –Politico 
  • “Louisiana Right to Life believes that these need to be on the Schedule IV list, because it is so easily available online. Minors can get them online without parental consent, for example. They can be shipped right to your door. Predators can get them. Sex traffickers can supply them to others, just by a simple web search: ‘Abortion pills online.’ –Fox 8 News Live 
  • “Of course, Sen. Pressly’s story is a big part of why we did this. But he’s received, and we’ve received, other examples of women and girls getting these pills without any problem.” –Fox 8 Local 

Louisiana Right to Life will continue to share the truth about the abortion pill crisis to ensure women and girls are protected in Louisiana.

Photo Gallery From Governor’s Bill Signing