Governor Signs Abortion by Fraud Criminalization Act

Today, Governor Jeff Landry signed the Abortion by Fraud Criminalization Act (SB 276) after it received final passage through the Louisiana Legislature yesterday.

Sarah Zagorski, the Communications Director for Louisiana Right to Life said, “We applaud Governor Jeff Landry for signing the Abortion by Fraud Criminalization Act to stop abortion-inducing drugs from getting into the hands of predators and minors. We know that the abortion pill crisis is rampant in Louisiana and we believe SB 276 will deter bad actors from obtaining these medications.”

She added, “We also want to thank Sen. Pressly for his courageous persistence with SB 276 despite numerous attacks from abortion proponents who mischaracterized his legislation. SB 276 will not stop physician’s from prescribing these medications for legitimate health purposes nor will it criminalize a pregnant woman taking the abortion pill.”

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