Judge Sides with Hope Medical Group in Abortion Case

Press Release
July 21, 2022

Contact: Sarah Zagorski

Judge Sides with Hope Medical Group in Abortion Case

New Orleans – Today 19th Judicial District Court Judge Donald Johnson sided with Hope Medical Group for Women in their lawsuit against the 2006 Human Life Protection Act, as well as the recent 2022 Reaffirmation of Human Life Act.

Attorney General Jeff Landry is expected to appeal the decision and we expect the case will ultimately be decided by the Louisiana Supreme Court. In court on Monday, abortion proponents cited vagueness in the law, arguing it jeopardizes doctors caring for maternal patients. While media reports circulating reference Judge Johnson’s decision, Louisiana Right to Life has not seen a print copy and our statement may be revised in future updates.

Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life Benjamin Clapper said the following about Judge Johnson’s decision: “It is an insult to the citizens of Louisiana and our legislators that Judge Johnson enjoined our pro-life laws protecting babies from abortion. The overwhelming majority of the Shreveport abortion facility’s business is performing elective abortion on healthy babies and moms. Louisiana law has been clear for decades that these abortions should be stopped on the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Louisiana law also been clear that doctors can in accord with reasonable medical practices help women facing medical emergencies.”

Clapper concluded, “We call upon the Louisiana Supreme Court to promptly intervene and set the record straight that our laws are clear and enforceable.”