LARTL Supports Woman’s Lawsuit over Louisiana’s Judicial Bypass Law

BATON ROUGE – As reported in a article, a Lafayette woman is suing to stop judges from authorizing her minor daughter to have an abortion against her parental consent.

Angie Thomas, J.D., Associate Director of Louisiana Right to Life, released this statement about the case:

“Louisiana Right to Life strongly supports the mother’s efforts to stop judges from authorizing her minor daughter’s abortion against her consent. Parental involvement in a minor’s major life decision such as abortion is extremely important, both for the child and the parent. A 10-minute Zoom call is not adequate for a judge to wipe away the parent-child relationship, especially when the parent is ready and willing to help the minor to raise the baby.

“Shockingly, judges can determine that the minor is too immature to make a life-altering decision like abortion, but nonetheless still grant authorization for the minor to have the abortion because the judge can say that the abortion is in the minor’s ‘best interest.’ The result of this system is that virtually any minor can go around their parents to get a judicially-approved abortion, especially when pro-abortion attorneys are coaching them through the process. A judge with virtually no knowledge of the minor and her family should not be able to veto a parent and decide what is in the minor’s best interest.”

Read an article on this case by New Orleans Public Radio.