LA Delegation Helps Block Biden Abortion Funding

Last week, in a 221-213 vote, the US House of Representatives blocked the Biden Administration from using our tax-dollars to flaunt federal law and pay for abortion travel.
These actions to try and permit this were in direct conflict with federal law prohibiting the taxpayer funding of abortion and related expenses.
Without question, it is the Biden Administration causing the controversy.
We applaud the House of Representatives, and the entire Louisiana Republican Congressional Delegation: Mike Johnson, Congresswoman Julia Letlow, Congressman Steve Scalise, Garret Graves for passing the Jackson Amendment on the National Defense Authorization Act to clarify that is it illegal for the Secretary of Defense to pay or or reimburse expenses related to elective abortion.
While America is split on the legality of abortion, polling data shows that Americans oppose the taxpayer funding of abortion. We implore the U.S. Senate to retain the Jackson Amendment and protect our tax dollars from supporting abortion.