100% Lifetime Pro-Life Voting Record Legislators

As of June 2019, of those Louisiana legislators completing the 2016-2019 term, those legislators listed below had a 100% Pro-Life Lifetime Voting Record with Louisiana Right to Life.  100% Lifetime Pro-Life Record means that the legislator, whether they have served in the Louisiana House of Representatives, Louisiana Senate, or both, have always voted with Louisiana Right to Life’s position on votes scored by Louisiana Right to Life. Because of that, we have provided them our “100% Lifetime Pro-Life Record” seal.

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, said, “While we appreciate those other legislators who have good pro-life voting records, these legislators with a 100% Lifetime record are the cream of the crop.  Their commitment to pro-life issues is unwavering, even on difficult votes.  We thank them for making Louisiana one of the most pro-life states in America.”

* Please note that legislators who were absent from scored votes 40% of the time or more are not awarded a 100% record.

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