State’s Pregnancy Resource Centers Stepping Up During COVID-19

In Metairie, Access’ diaper bank remains open to mothers in need.

In Covington, Northlake Crisis Pregnancy Center is providing curbside service to moms who need baby clothing and supplies.

Louisiana’s leaders, servicemen and women and healthcare workers have been working tirelessly during the coronavirus pandemic, and in doing so they’ve put themselves and their families at risk. The sacrifices they have made are enormous, and their work has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Pro-life Louisianians working across the state to help women in crisis pregnancies and mothers with young children are also heroic. They have continued to serve women in need by facilitating telehealth calls for pregnancy-related counseling, providing high-demand resources like diapers, wipes and formula and informing women of the life-affirming option of adoption.

A good representation of the relief they are providing is evident in nearly every major region of the state.

Here are some examples:

  • In the Greater New Orleans, Access Pregnancy Center is distributing diapers and shared with us that they recently provided more than 1,000 diapers in a two-day span.
  • Counselors at Women’s New Life Clinic, with centers in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, are conducting visits on the phone even though some of their staff is not on site.
  • In Covington, Northlake Crisis Pregnancy Center is providing help “take-out” style by allowing women to pick up prepared bagged supplies curbside.
  • In Thibodaux, Crossroads Pregnancy Center is also providing supplies curbside.
  • In Shreveport, Mary’s House Pregnancy Care Center is taking client calls and allowing women to pick up critical baby items. They are also distributing hand-made baby blankets made by high schoolers in the local community.

There are more than 30 Pregnancy Resource Centers in Louisiana, and most remain available during this crisis time to help women in need through phone calls and even appointments. You can find a center near you at Using the website is easy: Just type in your zip code and the closest Pregnancy Resource Center’s information will pop up.

Adoption professionals statewide area also counseling women and facilitating adoptions at this time. To find a list of all the adoption agencies in Louisiana, visit

If you work at one of the state’s pregnancy center or adoption agencies, let us know what you are doing and share some photos. Email

In Shreveport, Mary’s House is still meeting the needs of many young mothers with needed supplies.