Louisiana Right to Life Responds to Today’s U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court released their decision in Food and Drug Administration vs. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine.

The decision, authored by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, explains that the plaintiffs did not establish standing, which is a threshold requirement when a case is before a federal court. The Court’s decision did not address the merits of the case.

Sarah Zagorski, the Communications Director for Louisiana Right to Life, provided the following statement regarding the decision:

“Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court was decided on standing, not the merits of the case. The serious concern brought by pro-life doctors that the FDA recklessly allowed dangerous chemical abortion drugs to be sent through the mail without further physician oversight still remains. Therefore, any assertion that the FDA did nothing wrong or that their approval was indeed valid is erroneous.

Of course, Louisiana state law is not contingent on what the U.S. Supreme Court decided today, and the ruling only emphasizes the need for states to act. It is not only a state’s right to act, but it is their duty to regulate the practice of medicine to protect their citizens.”

Zagorski added: “Women are endangered by unregulated and unfettered access to illegal abortion pills every day. Thankfully, this year the Louisiana Legislature acted prudently in designating these drugs as controlled substances so that people who should not have them can be adequately dealt with under the law.”