Louisiana Senate to Consider Love Life Amendment

The Love Life Amendment, HB 425, authored by Rep. Katrina Jackson, is headed to the Louisiana Senate and should be voted on soon after the Louisiana Senate Judiciary A Committee approved it on May 7.

The bill passed the House in April by the necessary 2/3 vote. If the Senate passes it by a 2/3 vote, it will be put on the October ballot in Louisiana.

“This constitutional amendment will ensure there is no right to abortion in our state constitution. We must act now as a pro-life state to respond to states like New York who have legalized abortion to moments before birth,” said Benjamin Clapper, Louisiana Right to Life Executive Director.

“In the committee, there was ample discussion about exceptions such as rape and incest. It’s important to remember that the Love Life Amendment only ensures that the state Supreme Court cannot find a right to abortion in the state constitution. As Rep. Jackson’s committee amendment clarifies, HB 425 leaves all consideration of the legality of abortion, and therefore these exceptions, to the state legislature and not to judges.”

Please email your Senator and ask them to approve the Love Life Amendment.