Love Life Giving Day is Thursday, Oct. 1, just a month out from the vote for the Love Life Amendment!

Louisiana Right to Life has designated Thursday, Oct. 1, as Love Life Giving Day. Will you help us spread the word about the Love Life Amendment by making a donation on this day?

Did you know that a pro-life constitutional amendment will be on the ballot on Nov. 3, the same day as the presidential election? Amendment #1 on the ballot will say, “To protect human life, nothing in this constitution shall be construed to protect a right to abortion or the tax payer funding of abortion.” This will ensure that no judge will be able to “find” a right to abortion in our state as has happened already in 13 other states!

According to a recent poll, 70% of Louisianians identify as pro-life! We love babies and their mothers and should be able to pass this ballot measure easily, but unfortunately, only a small percentage of these pro-life Louisianians even know about the Love Life Amendment and may not understand the need to vote yes on election day.

When Alabama placed a similar amendment on its ballot, pro-abortion groups poured in $1 million to attack the amendment. Opposition has already risen in Louisiana calling this amendment “unnecessary,” “extreme,” and “against personal freedom.” We must do everything we can to spread the truth about this necessary amendment and urge pro-lifers in Louisiana to vote yes on #1 to protect unborn babies! Any amount that you give will help us continue to spread the word through educational postcards, yard signs, TV ads, social media, and more.

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