Louisiana Life March Cenla

February 4, 2023
10 AM - Noon
Louisiana Christian University
1140 College Drive, Pineville, LA 71360
Join us in Cenla with thousands of others to support moms, defend life, and proclaim that everyone deserves a birthday! The event will begin at 10 am at Louisiana Christian University and march to the Pineville Riverfront under the big American flag for a program with music, prayer, and speakers.  Arrive at LCU’s front lawn before 10 am!

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As a participant in the Louisiana Life March, I verify that I have read, understand, and accept the terms of this waiver and release. I understand the nature of this event and the risks involved in participating in this event. I know that marching and walking is a potentially hazardous activity. I understand that I should not participate unless I am medically able and sufficiently trained to do so. I agree to abide by any decision of any march official concerning my ability to safely complete this event. I assume all risks associated with my voluntary participation in this event, including, but not limited to, traffic and other conditions of the roadway, and contact with other conditions of the roadway, and contact with other participants, and the effects of the weather, including extreme temperatures and precipitation. I understand that Louisiana Right to Life can not protect me from the actions of third parties intending to cause harm to participants and is not responsible for an occurrence. Knowing these facts, for, and in consideration of, my participation in this race, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue and fully release and discharge Louisiana Right to Life, march officials, workers, volunteers, sponsors, and any and all officers, directors, employees and other representatives of the foregoing, and any successors or assigns of the foregoing, and hold and waive them harmless from and against ANY AND ALL actions, claims, injuries, demands, liabilities, loss, damage, or expenses, including but not limited to death, personal injury, and property damage, whether foreseen or unforeseen, arising out of, or in the course of, my participation in this event.

2023 Theme: “Everyone Deserves a Birthday”

Join us for the Louisiana Life March Cenla in 2023 as we march in celebration of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, in support of moms, and in our shared dedication that every unborn child deserves a birthday. The world wants to marginalize unborn babies, especially those who have disabilities or were conceived in awful circumstances such as rape and incest. But no matter the circumstances, babies need our protection and deserve their own birthday!


Life March Central is sponsored by Louisiana Right to Life, Louisiana Christian University, Louisiana Baptist Convention, Catholic Diocese of Alexandria, United Pentecostal Church of Louisiana, Louisiana Family Forum, the Knights of Columbus, and Concerned Women for America.


Unite the pro-life people of Louisiana, across all denominational lines, to take a stand for life in our state’s capital city, and mobilize them with resources to go make a difference in their community. We believe the Louisiana Life March can lead toward a completely abortion-free Louisiana.

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