Mardi Gras Attendees Offered Pregnancy Support!

This past weekend, a banner hung on a building over parade routes in uptown New Orleans that said “Pregnant? Free Services Nearby! 1-800-712-4357” 

Knights of Columbus Marquette Council brilliantly had the thought to reach out to us to offer their balcony to hang a pro-life message. Considering that Louisiana continues to experience an increase in illegal abortion-pill orders, we thought it best to give the message that anyone who is experiencing or about to experience an unplanned pregnancy have the thought to type in

So from Friday through Mardi Gras day, tens of thousands likely saw our banner! is a website that houses a zipcode search to the nearest pregnancy center, adoption agency, and other private or public social service that a mother in crisis may need. While pro-abortion advocates are utilizing all of the advertising they can to spread the word about easy-to-order abortion pills online, we need to be in all of the same spaces with our message of life-affirming help. 

Please consider ways that you can continue spreading the word about this accessible tool for mothers to find help! You an reach out like the Knights of Columbus Council with an opportunity for a big message, or you can have our posters, flyers, brochures, wallet-sized cards, and stickers for your church, school, or creative space for public distribution!