Our Defense of Life Is More Important Than Ever.

Our defense of our unborn brothers and sisters is more important now than ever.

We pray for President Biden and our nation today on his inauguration, and we commit to praying for wisdom for him over the next four years, as we pray for all our leaders.

Sadly, President Biden enters office with an administration and Congressional leadership dedicated to abortion-on-demand. We expect him to immediately reverse the Mexico City Policy, allowing our tax-dollars to fund abortion overseas. We expect him to immediately reverse the Protect Life Rule, sending more tax-dollars to the abortion business Planned Parenthood.

The Hyde Amendment, which since 1976 has prevented the tax-payer funding of all abortions through Medicaid and saved millions of lives, will also be in danger.

While we certainly hope for the unity President Biden encourages, entering office and immediately placing the lives of more unborn Americans in jeopardy does not further that goal. Pro-life citizens across America must peacefully stand together and contact our elected officials to advocate for preserving our pro-life policies. If you have never been active in defending life, today is your day to get started!

We hope for a day when America is UNITED in the resolve that EVERY American, including waiting to be born, deserve a right to life.

Email Pres. Biden and Your Senators and Congressman and ask them to protect life and the Hyde Amendment!