Preaux Life Virtual Mission Week Videos Are Available Now!

Our Preaux Life Virtual Mission Week is over, and we are excited that so many of you tuned in to learn more about the pro-life movement and abortion.

The videos appeared on Facebook at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. each day. Videos are now available to watch on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

On Monday, Education Director Alex Seghers presented “Tiny Humans are Awesome!” and “#Abortion is Violence. Thoughts of a Feminist.”

On Tuesday, Dr. Kathy Allen presented “Abortion in the Black Community,” and Pastor Jonathan Burton presented “The Role of Black America in Addressing Abortion.”

On Wednesday, Ben Clapper presented “What the Dictionary Teaches Us About Abortion,” and “Be Consistent! Breaking Down the Barriers Between the Born and Unborn,” and “Answering the Mushy Middle.”

On Thursday, Pastor Brian Gunter presented “The Bible Tells Us Exactly When Life Begins,” and Sarah Zagorski shared “Socio-Economic Problems and Abortion.”

On Friday, Angie Thomas presented “How Did Abortion Become Legal,” and Amanda Nottingham presented “Unique Ways to Be Engaged!”