Abortion Facilities Close After Latest Order, But One Vows to ‘Fight the Law’

On Saturday, the Louisiana Department of Health issued new healthcare facility guidelines postponing all medical and surgical procedures unless the procedures are to treat an “emergency medical condition” as defined by the notice.

On Monday, all three Louisiana abortion facilities appear to be closed. In response to a telephone inquiry from a Shreveport-based woman, an official at the Hope Medical Group for Women, the abortion facility in Shreveport, informed her they were closed but intended to “fight the law.” 

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, said, “Gov. Edwards and the Department of Health have put measures in place to aggressively stem the spread of COVID-19 and slow the unnecessary use of personal protection equipment that should be donated to hospitals. This new rule that applies across the board to all medical and surgical procedures is consistent with that life-saving goal.  

“While abortion facilities are closed at the moment, their own words indicate their apparent plan is to fight the new regulations in some capacity. We suggest that instead of fighting Louisiana emergency health and safety regulations, the abortion facilities pitch in to fight COVID-19 and its effects by donating much-needed personal protection equipment to local emergency rooms. We all must work together to save lives and stop COVID-19.”

Clapper said Louisiana pregnancy resource centers remain available to help new mothers and women in crisis pregnancies.

“The centers are available in a manner consistent with social distancing to provide social services and items essential to the care of newborns and young children in a manner consistent with the governor’s Stay at Home order,” he said. “Centers also are available in a remote fashion to counsel and support the needs of women in a crisis pregnancy. The pro-life movement is here, even during COVID-19, to support women and families.”

Women needing pregnancy-related social services, whether material support such as diapers or supplies, or phone counseling for unplanned pregnancies, can find the closest pregnancy resource center by visiting or calling the national pregnancy help hotline Option Line at 1-800-712-4357.  You can also visit the Louisiana Department of Health hub for abortion alternatives as