Pro-Life Billboard Campaign Under Way in Shreveport

By Kandace Landreneau
North Louisiana Youth Programs Director

During the COVID-19 shutdown, a pro-abortion group put “Abortion Access” billboards up across Louisiana, including one in Shreveport. While the majority of businesses were shut down for the safety of their customers, the abortion businesses across Louisiana stayed open, and groups took advantage of that with their pro-abortion messaging.

I witnessed women from Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi traveling to Shreveport to have abortions during the shutdown. When you drive through South Louisiana you can see pro-life billboards, but Shreveport has been noticeably bare. So after seeing these women first hand I decided we needed to immediately do everything we could to promote the message of life in North Louisiana.

We quickly moved to rent the exact spot where the pro-abortion billboard was previously located. This new pro-life billboard, which is visible from Interstate 20, went up Thursday, June 11.

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This new board is the second pro-life billboard we have put up recently in Shreveport. The first is located directly across the street from the abortion business, offering free help to women who see it before they enter the facility. As I said, the majority of Louisiana abortions are performed in Shreveport, so we feel an extra responsibility to spread the pro-life message in this area more than ever before.

These billboards are expensive, but the message is worth every dime if it saves one life. In order to keep these billboards up we need to raise $10,600. That’s a lot of money, but I know if we all pitch in we can do this together and spread the message of life in Shreveport to women who find themselves in desperate situations.
Women are worth more than abortion, and the cost of these billboards is nothing compared to the worth of these unborn lives that we can save together. Believe me when I say no amount is too small, so let’s partner together and keeping these billboards up as long as possible.
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