Pro-Life Oratory Winner St. Tammany Parish Student!

On Saturday May 4th, 2024, Louisiana Right to Life held the state’s Pro-Life Oratory Contest. It was held in conjunction with the Louisiana Knights of Columbus State Convention in Baton Rouge. High school juniors and seniors competed in their local contests earlier this spring and the first place winners of those regional contests were invited to participate at the state level. Three local contest winners competed at the state level this year.

First up was Harrison Harley who won his contest in New Orleans.  His ovation was on physician assisted suicide in the United States and how the injustice could lead to a slippery slope into full legalization of euthanasia like in many European countries.

Next, Angela Kelley, who won the St. Tammany contest, gave her speech. She opened with a chant that she learned at the March for Life and how that chant made her realize that she has not only the opportunity but also the responsibility to use her voice to stand up for the rights of the unborn.

Finally, Dominic Pagan, who won the Lafayette contest, gave his speech.  He spoke honestly on the statistics surrounding abortion and just how daunting that is.  He then spoke about how each of us can and should make a difference in the little ways in life that can lead us into a lifestyle of support for mothers and babies.

The three judges had a tough decision to make. Second place was awarded to Dominic. First place was awarded to Angela. Angela, as the winner at the state level, will next compete at the National Pro-Life Oratory Contest which will be held in conjunction with the National Right to Life Convention in Arlington, V.A., in late June.