Pro-Life Outreach at State Fair a Huge Success

By Amanda Nottingham, North Louisiana Director

Louisiana Right to Life’s pro-life outreach booth at the State Fair of Louisiana recently wrapped up after a three-week run. This was the second year for Louisiana Right to Life to be part of the Fair and, again, it was a tremendous success! This outreach in North Louisiana is so critical because Shreveport is the abortion capital of our state. Our goal with the pro-life outreach booth is to educate citizens about the brutal realities of abortion, share upcoming events, and share information about Louisiana Right to Life.

As visitors passed the booth, most were captivated by the fetal model display and couldn’t resist picking up a baby. Our team of volunteers would then share information about fetal development and give visitors a Precious Ones 12-week fetal model and information card to take home. We were repeatedly asked, “Is that really what it looks like at 12 weeks?” followed by, “That’s a baby!” So many people have no idea the level of development of babies at just 12 weeks, and we are so thankful we were able to share that information with thousands of people through our outreach booth at the State Fair of Louisiana!

One particularly meaningful encounter came when a young teenage girl stopped by to see the fetal models at the booth. As a volunteer shared information with her about fetal growth and development, she remained very quiet while processing what she was hearing. She left the booth but soon came back with two friends to show them the babies. During her second visit, she held the 12-week fetal model and shared that her older sister was pregnant and contemplating abortion. The young teen said she was going to share her fetal model with her sister because she didn’t want her to abort her baby. The volunteer was able to give her additional information and resources to share with her sister in hopes of saving the life of this unborn child. That was a powerful reminder that our work is needed and can make a difference.

From T-shirts to pens, bracelets to bumper stickers, cups to candy, visitors to our booth did not leave empty-handed. We are so thankful for the overwhelming support we received from fair-goers and look forward to getting more people involved with the pro-life movement and Louisiana Right to Life.

A huge thanks is owed to our outstanding team of volunteers who made the pro-life outreach booth possible. Their dedication and commitment to protecting the unborn is greatly appreciated. The outreach booth at the State Fair of Louisiana provided a unique experience to share our message with so many people who may never have heard it otherwise, and, for that, we are so thankful!