PULSE Weekend GNO A Big Success!

Students spent time learning about pro-life issues.

E.D. White students and teachers making the trip to Covington were, from left, Emily Laris (Respect Life Club moderator), Paige Granier, Reece Shelby, Ali Poimboeuf, Tiffany Theroit, and Shonie Morvant (teacher).

Our Greater New Orleans PULSE Weekend Immersion at Bocamb Farms near Covingtonwas a great success! With a new student majority, there was a lot of initiative for trying to start new pro-life clubs on public school campuses, including Covington High School. Students left empowered by general sessions that covered fetal development, human dignity, women’s resources, campus activism, and the impact of abortion.

There was also a strong presence of students and teachers from E.D. White Catholic High School of Thibodaux. The group is ready to bring the skills they learned at PULSE to their school’s Respect Life Club. E. D. White teacher Shonie Morvant said she was particularly impressed by the Saturday morning Pro-Life Persuasion session.

She added: “Thank you Krista and Mia for our PULSE weekend. It was so enlightening! Our students, as well as myself, are confident that we can now have a conversation about the topic of abortion that includes facts and useful information that will share a positive and loving message.”

Teacher Emily Laris said: “Taking our students to PULSE provided vital formation for both my students and me. We were deeply inspired by the stories of those directly impacted by abortion and feel more passionate about being Pro Life activists in and through love.”

The next PULSE event is PULSE Leadership Institute July 8-12 near Baton Rouge. Cost is $199. Click here for more information and to register!