Sen. Pressly’s Abortion by Fraud Bill Passes Senate Floor

Today, Sen. Thomas Pressly’s Abortion by Fraud bill (Senate Bill 276), passed unanimously on the Senate Floor. The legislation creates a new crime of “coerced criminal abortion by means of fraud” to give law enforcement proper means to prosecute those who use deceit and manipulation to harm pregnant women and their unborn children.

Sen. Pressly was inspired to sponsor the legislation after his sister, Catherine Herring, was unknowingly poisoned by her former husband while she was pregnant by the abortion-inducing drug Misoprostol. She previously testified in the Senate Committee on April 9th. 

Benjamin Clapper, the Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life said the following about the legislation’s passage: “We are thankful that SB 276 passed overwhelmingly on the Senate floor. Herring’s case is an illustration of the current crisis that perpetrators can so easily acquire abortion pills with intent to kill their unborn child without their partner’s knowledge or consent. The act of Herring’s former husband was an act of domestic violence and should be punishable by law enforcement. We look forward to working toward final passage in the House.”