Statement on Luke Mixon’s Position on Abortion

Press Release
September 21, 2022

Contact: Benjamin Clapper

LARTL: Luke Mixon is Not Pro-Life
Setting the Record Straight on Candidate

New Orleans – On the release of a campaign ad by Luke Mixon, candidate for U.S. Senate, Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of the Louisiana Right to Life Federation, said the following,

“Throughout his campaign, we have heard a variety of messages from candidate Luke Mixon on abortion. But his latest campaign ad shows that Luke Mixon is not a pro-life candidate. His ad confirms that he supports abortion-on-demand up until birth through his pledge to “vote to codify Roe.” The efforts to “codify Roe” in Congress include radical proposals to allow tax-payer funding of late abortions when an unborn baby can feel pain. Louisiana Right to Life does not support or oppose candidates for office, but we must cut through the clutter and educate voters on where candidates stand and what their stance means for the protection of life.”