Thank you Sandy Cunningham!

At the end of March, our Communication’s Director Sandy Cunningham departed our Louisiana Right to Life staff to pursue other opportunities. We are thankful for her eight years of service to unborn babies, their mothers, and the entire pro-life cause!

Her work advanced so many efforts at Louisiana Right to Life, including our Advertise for Life Initiative, our Choose Life License Plate program, our Billboard Campaign, and more.

Just from 2018-2021, at least 88 BABIES were saved through Advertise for Life under Sandy’s direction.

Additionally, she was the managing editor of our newspaper publication, The Luminary, and oversaw all of our print communication. During her time with us, she organized seven Bowties for Babies, published 24 newspapers, updated thousands of supporters with countless emails, letters, pro-life updates and so much more.

She will be greatly missed!