The Kelly’s Adoption Story

In July of 2016 my husband and I had 2 boys, Stone was 7 and Mack James was 5. We were both feeling called to either foster or adopt but we were not actively doing either at the time. We decided to go to our local Child Services to become certified foster parents. While going to the first meeting we knew that we were not able to complete the courses for months, but were willing to hold off until it was a good time to do so. Little did we know that God had other plans! Big plans!


Our news came July 1, 2016 – a day that we will never forget! Our adoption story shows how God can move mountains and how a simple “yes” changed our lives forever.  My husband and I both work at the local hospital on the MS Gulf Coast. We were both at work when our church pastor sent out a simple text to my husband, Steve. The text read,  “32 week old baby girl, mother wants closed adoption, please let me know if you are interested.” That was it folks, within minutes my husband sent back a simple yes! Now, here me when I say, I know this story is unique. Our heads were spinning but we knew that if it was Gods will then this baby girl would be ours. Within 1 week of this text message we were able to meet our baby girl in the NICU.

Initially, the doctors told us she would be there for 6-8 weeks, but the power of prayer is amazing and we were able to bring
her home just 3 days later. Her big brothers anxiously awaited her arrival and they have been smitten ever since. Her adoption was finalized 5 months later on November 30, 2016. Opening our hearts to adoption is the best thing our family has ever done.

Adoption can be many things. It starts with so much love but also has loss. It can have grief mirrored with peace. It can be beautiful and traumatic. Would we do it again? Absolutely! There are no words to describe the joy she has brought not only to our lives, but to all who meet her. We are so very thankful that her birth mother chose life. She is the most precious gift to us and we cherish her so very much. We talk to Grace about being adopted and celebrate her adoption day, which is affectionately known as Grace Kelly Day!  Today, Grace is 5 years old. She is perfectly healthy, funny and big hearted!

Steve and I eventually became foster parents and brought home a baby boy from the nursery 3 months ago! We do not know his definite future with us, but we know that God knows and that is enough.