VIDEO: Final Report From the Capitol

Last week, the Legislative Session finished up in Baton Rouge. Take a look at all of the pro-life successes that we accomplished because of YOUR support!

Here’s our written recap from the session:

  • We passed the Pregnancy and Baby Care Initiative Act that allocates a record $4,000,000 to pregnancy centers and other pro-life service providers helping moms and babies! Thanks to Sen. Katrina Jackson-Andrews and Rep. Jack McFarland for their amazing work.
  • We passed the Abortion By Fraud Criminalization Act to give law enforcement the tools needed to prosecute those who force women to undergo abortions through abortion pills. Thanks to Sen. Thomas Pressly and Rep. Julie Emerson for their courageous leadership.
  • We passed the Adoption Awareness Act that helps educate Louisianans on the benefits of infant adoption and connect birth moms with resources. Thanks again to Sen. Rick Edmonds for his advocacy.
  • We passed the Compatible with Love Empowerment Act to empower families facing a tragic prenatal diagnosis with the information they need to care for their babies before and after delivery. Thanks again to Sen. Rick Edmonds.
  • Just as much effort went into stopping bills that would have damaged our strong pro-life protections. This session, our team worked hard to stop bills that would have…
    • made abortion legal at any time and for any reason.
    • created exceptions in our abortion restrictions making it easier for abusers to harm women and girls.
    • diminished the strength of our laws under the false pretense of providing clarity.

Regarding in-vitro fertilization (IVF), we maintained Louisiana’s unique legal protections for human embryos even as some legislators preferred to remove those protections. The author of the bill dealing with IVF elected to table the bill (independently of our actions) rather than seek final passage.

Our work at the Capitol is some of the most important work we do together. You enable us to fight for life at the Capitol everyday! THANK YOU!