We Are Ready for An Abortion-Free Louisiana!

By Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director

While it’s difficult to read the tea leaves, the Supreme Court has given us reason to be excited that the Supreme Court is considering a decision that will allow Louisiana to protect more babies from abortion. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, which we hope is the outcome, Louisiana would protect every baby from abortion because of our laws that you have helped us pass!

And if that is the decision, Louisiana is ready to help women in a post-Roe abortion-free future with an abundance of private and public social services. The work of the pro-life movement will not stop!

On Dec. 1, thanks to you, we launched our “Louisiana Is Ready” campaign to show that Louisiana is ready for an abortion-free future where babies are protected and mothers are helped. On Dec. 1, we had ads in eight state newspapers, we put our message on more than 70 digital billboards, and right now we are reaching thousands of people on social media.

We can’t let the abortion industry drive the narrative that women will be abandoned in Louisiana in a post-Roe future. Women aren’t abandoned today, and they won’t be if Roe is tossed on the trash heap of history.

At our website, we have published an extensive list of public and private resources available to pregnant and parenting mothers. Without a doubt, Louisiana is here for women and babies.

We certainly don’t know what the Supreme Court will decide, and we will not find out until June or July of 2022. But regardless, we are ready to protect babies and help moms! Thank you for helping prepare Louisiana to be abortion-free!