Woman Meets Prayer Warrior Who Saved Daughter’s Life

Seven years ago Amy Blackwell drove an hour and a half from her home to an abortion clinic in Shreveport planning to abort her child. She saw “a little old man” on the sidewalk praying for her, and ducked into the center when he turned away.

She said she was in a bad place in her life at the time and didn’t want to go through with the pregnancy. But on her return trip to the abortion facility with a friend, on the day she was to have the abortion, she remembered that man and broke down. It saved her child.

Amy recorded her “almost abortion story” in January, and in June she shared it on her Facebook page “The Testimony I Never Wanted.”

On Saturday, Amy finally was able to thank the man in person, on the same sidewalk she first saw him seven years ago.

Chris Davis, who leads the 40 Days for Life Shreveport-Bossier program as well as the local sidewalk advocates team, saw Amy’s testimony, got in touch with her and set up the meeting between Amy and Mr. Camille Brocato.

“So after 7 years of thinking of him and loving him for his part in my daughter’s life, God brought us together today,” Amy wrote on her Facebook page. “He, who now I know as Mr. Brocato, has the blessing of seeing the fruits of his labor. He is now 90 years old and not able to stand on the sidewalk anymore – BUT in his place, I now stand.”

A story on the reunion will be featured on the KTBS 3 news on July 22.

Click Here to View Amy’s recorded testimony.