40 Days for Life New Orleans


40 Days for Life New Orleans 2022

40 Days for Life in a Post-Roe World: Prayer, Service, and Education in Your Church and Community!

Dear Faithful 40 Days for Life Friends:

As you know, our pro-life laws are in effect right now and abortion, unfortunately except in rare “medical futility” circumstances, is illegal in Louisiana. The three abortion facilities in Louisiana are currently CLOSED! Praise God for this victory for life! Learn more about our laws at www.PostRoeFacts.com.

Because of this, at this time, we do not plan to hold a traditional 40 Days for Life vigil outside the New Orleans abortion facility. There are court challenges still pending on our pro-life laws, and if abortion becomes legal again, we will reactivate the vigil.

However, we encourage you to use the 40 Days for Life time from September 28 – November 6th to focus in your church or community on prayer for life, education, and service to mothers and children. We must continue standing for life and supporting moms!

See below for some recommended action steps for 40 Days for Life in your church and community. As we have shared in the past, it is critical that churches become an oasis for those facing unplanned pregnancies. Read this article on our website about what churches can do in a post-Roe world.

On the opening night of 40 Days for Life, September 28th, Ben Clapper and Angie Thomas will be giving a presentation entitled “The Overturn of Roe: How, Why, and What Now?” together with Angie Thomas, our Associate Director (formerly with the Woman’s New Life Clinic), at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Metairie. Click here for more details. Come to hear where we are and where we go next!

Thank you for standing and praying for life and for moms!

The 40 Days for Life NOLA Team

40 Days for Life 2022 Action Steps

Prayer for Life

We encourage your church to be praying regularly for an end to abortion in Louisiana and across America. While abortion is illegal in Louisiana, we know some women will either travel to have abortions or seek illegal “mail-order” abortions at home. We also know abortion remains legal in many states. We must pray for life!

Service to Moms and Babies

We must be supporting moms, babies, and families in a post-Roe world! Here are a few things you can do at our church.

Educate Hearts and Minds

We cannot stop educating about pro-life issues! It only takes one generation to lose our pro-life culture!

Engage Legislators!

It only takes one legislative session to lose our pro-life laws, whether whole or in part. We expect legislators to bring legislation to legalize abortion in cases of rape and incest in the 2023 Legislative Session. We encourage church groups to hold meetings with area State Senators and Representatives to ask them to…

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