Adoption Takes Center Stage at the State Capitol!

Adoption is taking center-stage at the state Capitol. We are supporting three pro-life pro-mom bills this session as we work toward supporting every mom in our state! We are supporting three great pro-mom pro-life bills. First is HB 443, by Rep. Rick Edmonds (the Adoption Tax Credit Act), which would provide a $5,000 tax credit for a family adopting a child.

Adoption is incredibly expensive, with the average U.S. infant adoption costing 25k-50k for the adoptive family. Sadly too, adoption is largely unpopular among birth mothers because of many misconceptions about the modern adoption process. In order to combat these problems, we must work to make the adoption process easier for both the biological family and perspective adoptive couple. Help us advance this bill by using this link to contact your legislator! In Louisiana, only 0.1% of pregnancy outcomes result in an infant adoption placement.

We are also supporting SB 41, by Senator Mizell, which establishes a tax credit for an individual that donates to maternal wellness centers in Louisiana. Our hope is that this will be a financial incentive for donors to help local centers in their communities. Finally, Louisiana Right to Life is supporting HB 5, a bill that allows a mother to secure 50% of pregnancy-related expenses from the father of the child.