Decision on Preliminary Injunction Expected in Coming Days

Decision on Preliminary Injunction Expected in Coming Days

Today’s Hearing Set Stage for Life Prevailing in Louisiana

Baton Rouge – Today 19th Judicial District Court Judge Don Johnson did not make a final decision regarding the request for a preliminary injunction filed by Hope Medical Group for Women against the 2006 Human Life Protection Act, as well as the recent 2022 Reaffirmation of Human Life Act. He is expected to release a decision this week.

During court deliberations, the Attorney General Jeff Landry’s legal team, including Solicitor General Murrill, went through Louisiana’s pro-life laws in painstaking detail to demonstrate how Louisiana laws are clear. The explanations included detailed definitions of abortion, discussion of definitions of things that are not abortion, and expectations for physicians in cases of emergency, such as ectopic pregnancies or when the life of the mother is danger.

Solicitor General Liz Murrill concluded by stating that abortion businesses are throwing paint on the wall, hoping something will stick. A decision from Judge Johnson is expected in the coming days.

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, made the following statement about what happened in court: “Today’s hearing showed that Louisiana’s pro-life laws protecting babies are extremely clear. While we await a decision from Judge Johnson, we know that the information presented today further’s Louisiana’s ultimate case that our laws are ready to be enforced.”