Make Your Pledge Now to Vote Yes on Love Life Amendment!

The statewide vote for the Love Life Amendment to the Louisiana Constitution is Nov. 3 (the day of the presidential election), and now is the time for you to pledge to VOTE YES!

You may be quarantined at home during the coronavirus pandemic, and we need to use this time while home and available to make sure friends, family, fellow church members, and others know about the Love Life Amendment and are prepared to vote YES. One way we can do that is expand the “PLEDGE TO VOTE YES” campaign.

The PLEDGE TO VOTE YES Campaign is our effort to get pro-life citizens to make an online pledge at that they will vote in favor of the Love Life Amendment. It is imperative that we build a movement of people committed to voting for the Love Life Amendment. Because of the misinformation that pro-abortion groups will be distributing ahead of the election, getting pro-life individuals committed ahead of time is imperitive.

It’s simple to do! Visit and pledge that you will vote for the Love Life Amendment.

You can also click here to copy the image above. Please text it to others, or share on social media.