Outlier Polling Contradicts Years of Consistent Pro-Life Results

New Orleans, Louisiana – Yesterday, Couvillion Pollster released a poll commissioned by pro-abortion groups indicating that the majority of Louisiana citizens are pro-abortion. Their results stand in contrast to internal polling Louisiana Right to Life has conducted for years, showing that 63% of the state is pro-life.

In fact, in 2019, polling in Louisiana showed that 70% of voters are pro-life, and this strong pro-life ethic was confirmed by the 2020 Love Life Amendment Campaign.

Sarah Zagorski, the Communications Director for Louisiana Right to Life, said the following about Louisiana’s views on abortion: “We are confident Louisiana remains pro-life and opposed to elective abortion. Just two and a half years ago, Louisiana voters resoundingly approved the Love Life Amendment with 62% of the vote, receiving more votes than any other ballot initiative or statewide candidate in Louisiana history. In January, our poll confirmed that 63% of Louisiana voters declare themselves pro-life, very similar to the 2020 election results. These results are also consistent with our polling done for years.”

She concluded, “The JMC Analytics poll commissioned by pro-abortion groups is not consistent with the will of Louisiana voters. We look forward to Louisiana remaining one of the most pro-life states in America for years to come.”