Over 500 March for Life in Monroe

Over 500 Pro-Life champions from Monroe & West Monroe marched for Life at our Northeast Life March! One of the most touching moments from the morning was a quote from Kila Gonzales, President of I Will Carry You, an organization supporting families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss through birth and bereavement doula services.

Kila said, discussing the moment she received her child’s diagnosis, “In that moment my world went dark. The doors of that tiny ultrasound room began to close in on us, my husband leaned into me and I saw a fear in his eyes that I’ve never seen before.

He held me after wave after wave of grief crashed into me, violent and unrelenting… Through birth planning and through funeral planning I carried her, I grieved her, and I loved her as if every moment were her last. And, all the while, the Lord carried me. I never once regretted my decision to carry my baby… It was the most beautiful agonizing love I’ve ever known.”