Whistleblower Testimony

New Video: PP Gave Up Patient Information to Meet Baby Body Parts Quotas 
By The Center
for Medical Progress
Planned Parenthood revealed private patient medical information to third party contractors at StemExpress, LLC in order to meet the company’s quotas for harvesting body parts from Planned Parenthood abortions, says a former StemExpress procurement technician in a new video from The Center for Medical Progress.
The new video, released Oct. 31, is the second in a new series of videos highlighting whistleblower testimony on the coordination between StemExpress and Planned Parenthood.
Holly O’Donnell worked as a procurement technician for StemExpress inside some of the biggest Planned Parenthood surgical centers in northern California, drawing blood and dissecting organs from aborted fetuses, which the company then sold to research customers across the country.
“At the beginning of the day, we would let them know what we were looking for,” says O’Donnell, describing the StemExpress work flow at Planned Parenthood. “There was a lot of coordination.
“We’d open up the Task Page, which, it shows you what the researchers want, how many specimens they want for that day or that week.”
O’Donnell explains the online StemExpress Task Page, which listed customer orders for aborted fetal livers, brains, kidneys, and other body parts: “Roughly saying, it was like a grocery list of what to get for that day.”
O’Donnell states that the Planned Parenthood clinic management would provide the StemExpress contractors with the private medical information of pregnant women coming into Planned Parenthood: “We’d go to the head nurse, let the nurses know, hey this is what I’m looking for today. They’d give you a sheet of the appointments, which women were coming in, and it would tell you how many patients, what time they were coming in, their name, and if they knew how far along they were.”
O’Donnell also reveals that Planned Parenthood gave StemExpress access to patient medical charts and even to the clinics’ computer network to download patient schedules across the entire Planned Parenthood affiliate. Emails from StemExpress management instruct procurement technicians: “EVERY Friday – please provide schedules for all the clinics you work in,” and, “All computers have access to other clinics.”
Last year, the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Select Investigative Panel referred StemExpress, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, and Planned Parenthood Northern California to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for five years of “systematic violations” of the HIPAA privacy rule in the organizations’ aborted body parts harvesting program. “These violations occurred when the abortion clinics disclosed patients’ individually identifiable health information to StemExpress to facilitate the TPB’S efforts to procure human fetal tissue for resale.”
CMP project lead David Daleiden notes, “Planned Parenthood Mar Monte and Planned Parenthood Northern California together see approximately 300,000 patients each year. Over at least five years of operation, the StemExpress-Planned Parenthood scheme to sell baby body parts put the private health information of hundreds of thousands of pregnant women at risk.”
In December, after over a year of nationwide investigation, the House Select Investigative Panel and the Senate Judiciary Committee both referred StemExpress, along with its business partners Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Planned Parenthood Northern California, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America, to the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice for further investigation and criminal prosecution. Over the summer, the FBI confirmed that the criminal referrals have been sent to multiple field offices for action.
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