Will You Help Louisiana’s Pro-Life College Students on Giving Tuesday?

Tuesday, Dec. 3, is #GivingTuesday, and we hope you will consider a gift to Louisiana Right to Life through #GivingTuesday or #IGiveCatholic. Your support today goes directly toward helping us help our pro-life college students share the message on their college campuses!

Did you know that 46 percent of women enter college pro-life, but only about 27 percent of these women are pro-life when they graduate?

It’s true. And unfortunately, the same can be said for men! Louisiana Right to Life is trying to combat these belief changes in college students by helping build and working closely with pro-life clubs on college campuses throughout Louisiana. We need your help.

There are currently Students for Life groups on 10 of Louisiana’s college campuses. These groups, with the proper tools and resources, can actively encounter and educate their student bodies on life issues and continue the mission of Louisiana Right to Life, to preserve the right to life in Louisiana and protect life from womb to tomb.

But this year, we have seen pro-abortion organizations fighting back even stronger on college campuses in Louisiana. Here is a photo from LA Tech in Ruston of a banner students posted that says “Abortion Isn’t Scary. It’s Healthcare.”

While the groups are leading various efforts on their campuses, funds are limited. For as little as $25, you can help provide needed tools for our college groups so they can better reach and dialogue with fellow students and hopefully change minds and save unborn lives!

Please consider making a donation and partnering with us to help our college groups spread the pro-life message!

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