Will You Help Our College Students on Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving to kick off the charitable season, is Nov. 27, and we hope you will consider a donation to Louisiana Right to Life. You can give straight to our #GivingTuesday  campaign, or you can give to Louisiana Right to Life through the #IGiveCatholic campaign. This year’s Giving Tuesday donations will go toward better equipping our pro-life college students as they share the pro-life message on their college campuses.

Don’t want to wait? Early donations are being accepted and you can give today by clicking one of these links:

As the oldest and largest pro-life organization in Louisiana, Louisiana Right to Life strives daily to light the way to a completely pro-life Louisiana. Whether at the Capitol, in classrooms across the state, or in front of abortion facilities, we are preserving our pro-life culture AND building up a bolder pro-life generation.

Our PULSE program for junior high and high school students touches the lives of hundreds of students on a monthly basis, and those students are training to become pro-life leaders. Their ideals are strong, and they are fighting for the unborn. But what happens when these students go to college?

Did you know that 46 percent of women enter college pro-life, but only about 27 percent of these women are pro-life when they graduate? It’s true. And unfortunately, the same can be said for men! Louisiana Right to Life is trying to combat these belief changes in college students by helping build and working closely with pro-life clubs on our college campuses.

There are currently Students for Life groups on nine of Louisiana’s college campuses. These groups, with the proper tools and resources, can actively encounter and educate their student bodies on life issues and continue the mission of Louisiana Right to Life, to preserve the right to life in Louisiana and protect life from womb to tomb.

While the groups are leading various efforts on their campuses, funds are limited. Will You Help?

For as little as $25, you can help provide needed tools for our college groups so they can better reach and dialogue with fellow students and hopefully change minds and save unborn lives!

Here’s an example of where your money will go:

  • $25: Provide supplies like markers and poster board or help for a pregnant student.
  • $50: Provide pro-life stickers and other giveaway items for students.
  • $100: Help us print literature for students to hand out on campus.
  • $150: Help us provide table runners to help pro-life clubs stand out.
  • $250: Help us buy Touch of Life fetal model sets to leave a lasting impression on students.

Click the following link to the campaign you’d like to donate to: