A Day to Celebrate Life!

Today is a day to celebrate life!

For nearly 50 years, the Supreme Court forced Louisiana to allow legal abortion. The result? Over 530,000 Louisiana unborn children were killed by abortion since 1973. Thousands of women were hurt by what was supposed to be a simple “choice.”

But one year ago today, our world changed.

In the Dobbs decision, the Supreme Court restored Louisiana’s constitutional right to protect the lives of our citizens waiting to be born. Since then, we estimate that 7,012 babies have been legally protected from abortion in Louisiana!

We give thanks to God and so many pro-life citizens over the decades who have fought for life!

But the fight is FAR from over.

  • Chemical abortion pills are still being illegally shipped to women. Women still need our help!
  • We must keep our laws pro-life.
  • We must continue to educate hearts and minds for life.

Thank you for fighting with us to protect babies and help moms. We look forward to standing with you for years to come to keep Louisiana pro-life!