Abortion Pill Reversal Protocol Can Save Baby’s Life

By Angie Thomas
Louisiana Right to Life Associate Director

It’s not often that people get second chances. Oftentimes, we make a decision, and we are stuck with the consequences. But you are about to read about a fascinating and not-widely-known medical protocol called abortion pill reversal.

Did you ever think you would see the word reversal after abortion? Abortion is so often a permanent solution to a temporary crisis. Yet there is hope that some women may get a second chance.

What is a medication abortion?

First, let’s discuss what the abortion pill does. The abortion pill, also known as a medication abortion, works by taking two different pills, mifepristone and misoprostol.

The following is a description of this abortion medication from the FDA website:

“Mifeprex is approved, in a regimen with misoprostol, to end a pregnancy through 70 days gestation (70 days or less since the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period). The approved Mifeprex dosing regimen is:

  • On Day One: 200 mg of Mifeprex taken by mouth
  • 24 to 48 hours after taking Mifeprex: 800 mcg of misoprostol taken buccally (in the cheek pouch), at a location appropriate for the patient
  • About seven to 14 days after taking Mifeprex: follow-up with the healthcare provider
  • The first pill blocks the effects of progesterone, which is necessary for the baby to survive. The second pill causes the woman to go into labor, delivering the remains of the baby at home.”

Second Chances

There is hope. The abortion pill reversal protocol can reverse the effects of the first pill if taken within a short time period. The reversal is made possible by using the natural hormone, progesterone.

The following is a description of the abortion pill reversal (APR) process from

  • Call our hotline (877) 558-0333 or connect with us via the chat feature at the bottom of your screen.
  • Our on-call healthcare professional will ask you some basic questions to see if a reversal is possible.
  • The healthcare professional will then connect you with a doctor or medical provider in your area to start treatment if that is your choice.
  • An ultrasound will be done as soon as possible to confirm heart rate, placement, and dating of the pregnancy. The doctor or another medical provider will prescribe progesterone, given as a pill to be taken orally or vaginally or possibly by intramuscular injection. The treatment will usually continue through the first trimester of pregnancy.

Does this really work?

This reversal protocol has been successful in saving the baby’s life in 64-68 percent of pregnancies through the national APR network! In addition, we have medical professionals and pregnancy centers that offer this locally. In the first few months of implementing this, three women had successful reversals at Woman’s New Life Clinic (WNLC) and then went on to receive full prenatal care from local OBGYNs. These are women who took the abortion pill and changed their minds. These are children who would not have had a chance at life but for the help of APR, WNLC, and people like you getting the word out!

See Success Stories Here

What can you do to help?

In order for this reversal to work, the woman must seek help immediately. This is very time-sensitive. It is best for the woman to get help within 24 hours, but the APR network has seen successful outcomes with women getting help up to 72 hours after taking the first pill.

Sometimes, women may experience immediate regret. Other times, they take a day or two to think about it. Either way, they need to know that there is a chance to reverse the abortion and keep their baby. That’s where you come in!

Please help spread the word that this abortion pill reversal is possible. If you are someone who goes to the abortion clinics to pray, then you have a unique opportunity to share this information with women leaving. If you know a medical doctor, please share the website with them. The more medical professionals that are trained in this protocol, the more chance women will have to get the care they need in time to save the baby.

Louisiana Right to Life will provide brochures with information from the APR network to anyone who would like to help spread the news about this opportunity for a second chance at life!

An amazing video testimonial of this life-saving program can be found here.