Debate Reaction from Louisiana Right To Life on Shawn Wilson and Stephen Waguespack‘s Comments

On Friday, during the 2023 Gubernatorial Debate in Lafayette, Democratic Candidate Shawn Wilson refused to answer directly if he was pro-life or pro-choice. When asked about Louisiana’s pro-life law, Wilson said, he doesn’t believe it is the government’s place to make “health care” decisions.

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life Federation, said “Shawn Wilson has tried to speak out of both sides of his mouth on abortion. But we have no doubt that, if elected, Wilson would be a pro-abortion governor. Since he has said that he would support returning the law to the way it was before the Dobbs decision, we anticipate Wilson would work to legalize elective abortion up to the 5th month of pregnancy.”

Lousiana Right to Life was also saddened to see that candidate Stephen Waguespack misrepresented Attorney General Jeff Landry and State Treasurer John Schroder’s position on Louisiana’s pro-life law.

Sarah Zagorski, the Communications Director for Louisiana Right to Life explained,”While we appreciate Stephen Waguespack‘s pro-life position, we are disappointed that he would criticize John Schroder and Jeff Landry’s position. Jeff Landry has never advocated for putting women in jail for having abortions. This is simply inaccurate. Landry’s position has been consistent with Louisiana Right To Life during his time in public office that we should hold the abortion industry, not women, accountable for illegal actions. Landry has sought to enforce Louisiana law, even in the face of misinformation. The pro-life candidates in the race should support each other. AG Landry defended Louisiana pro-life laws in state and federal court, and everyone should be grateful for his actions. John Schroder’s pro-life position has been clear as well that he is pro-life.”