First Baton Rouge PULSE Team Meeting is Oct. 9

Are you a high schooler, the parent of a high schooler, or know a few? If so, we hope you will attend or encourage your child to attend the first Baton Rouge PULSE Team meeting on Oct. 9 and become a part of a growing program aimed at inspiring and training students to become pro-life leaders.

PULSE teams bring together pro-life students in specific areas to build on things learned at a PULSE Immersion Weekend or PULSE Leadership Institute. There are several active PULSE teams throughout the state that meet on a regular basis, and now our youth programs team is helping several high school pro-life leaders form a team in Baton Rouge.

The first meeting is Oct. 9 from 6-7:30 p.m. at The Jambalaya Shoppe, 549 Main St., in downtown Baton Rouge. The first meeting will be informational, with students sharing ideas and learning what resources Louisiana Right to Life can offer. Dinner will be provided.

For more information, contact Youth Programs Co-Director Krista Corbello at 337.366.1681 or

Please RSVP by texting T.J. Burgess at 504.275.5838 or by email at