Help Us Spread the Word About the Love Life Amendment!

Our amazing supporters have always come together to fight for the unborn and their mothers, and now we need you more than ever!

Everyone: Please vote yes on Nov. 3 (or in early voting Oct. 20-27) and be sure to spread the word about the amendment to all your friends and family! Contact us if you want to volunteer on our statewide campaign.

You can also visit our Facebook page, lovelifevoteyes, where you can get important information and try out our custom profile photo frame.

Churches: Don’t forget to ask your congregation to vote yes on the amendment during Love Life Sunday, Oct. 18, the last Sunday before early voting.  Learn more at You can order yard signs and other materials there as well.

Want a Yard Sign? Love Life Amendment Yard Signs will be available at locations throughout the state in mid-September. Please contact us if you would like to pick one up!

Visit for more information on the amendment or call us at 866.463.5433.