LARTL Releases New Legislative Scorecards For 2016-19 Term

Louisiana Right to Life has released its Legislative Scorecards for the 2016-2019 legislative term. The scorecards for both the Senate and House of Representatives highlight the bipartisan support for passing laws to protect babies and ensure the health and safety of women.

View the House of Representatives Scorecard Here
View the Senate Scorecard Here

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During the past four years, Louisiana Right to Life has scored 25 votes in the House of Representatives and 24 votes in the Senate. Louisiana Right to Life’s scorecards (House and Senate) include a percentage voting record for the four-year term, along with a cumulative record going back to the 2004 Legislative Session.

During this 2016-2019 term, 27 Senators and 68 Representatives (66 percent of the state’s legislators) had a 100 percent voting record with Louisiana Right to Life. These legislators have been identified as 100% Life Advocates.

View the 2016-2019 100% Life Advocates

In addition, Louisiana Right to Life commends a special group of legislators who have a 100% Lifetime Pro-Life Voting Record for their entire legislative career, regardless of when they were elected to the Legislature.

View Current Legislators with a 100% Lifetime Pro-Life Record

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, said: “Louisiana Right to Life is honored to recognize the many pro-life legislators who consistently stood for life during the 2016-2019 legislative term. Our scorecards show that 66 percent of our legislators had a 100 percent pro-life voting record with us during these years. Louisiana is one of the most pro-life states in the nation because of the pro-life resolve of our Senators and Representatives.”

With the 2019 Fall Legislative elections on the horizon, Louisiana Right to Life is asking legislative candidates to complete our Legislative Scorecard and send back to us.  Soon, we will begin publishing questionnaire responses.  Learn more at our election page!

A summary of the pro-life accomplishments of the 2016-2019 term can be found below the online scorecard.