Northshore Pulse Speaker Highlights Importance of Pregnancy Centers

On Saturday, April 29th, we hosted Northshore PULSE Immersion at St. Scholastica Academy. We had 13 students, from Slidell to Hammond, who were excited to join us at Northshore PULSE and expand their pro-life knowledge. In addition, we had 4 high school and college student leaders, who dedicated their Saturday to leading their peers throughout PULSE Immersion. 

Students had the opportunity to learn about our local pregnancy and parenting resources from Northshore Crisis Pregnancy Center director Rachel Adair. They said it was interesting to learn about how parents can continue getting support and resources for years after their child is born and how the staff try to build true relationships with the moms and dads who visit the center. During the closing ceremony, many students talked about how they want to volunteer at or donate supplies to pregnancy centers in their area! 

We were also fortunate enough to hear the touching testimony of Natalie Barber and her experience with abortion as a teenager. She mentioned how frequently other teens at her school had abortions and how incredibly normalized it was. She pointed out that no one knew of any life-affirming pregnancy resources when she was in high school, but everyone knew where the abortion facility was. Prior to the Dobbs decision, In Louisiana, nearly 700 teens have abortions each year. Natalie’s contribution helped teens at PULSE recognize how fortunate they are to live in a pro-life state and how important it is to continue being pro-life advocates and supporting pregnancy resource centers. 

At the closing ceremony, students reflected on everything they had learned throughout the day and shared how they plan to move forward as pro-life activists. This included plans of tabling about pro-life topics, hosting supply drives for moms in our community, and joining us this summer for PULSE Leadership Institute (PLI)! We can’t wait to see these students continue standing for life with the new friends they met at PULSE!