One Young Man’s Journey to Where Life Began

Adoption Documentary’s Trailer Has Been Released 

‘I Lived on Parker Avenue’ Screened; Film to Be Publicly Released in March 

David Scotton was adopted at birth and raised in Louisiana. While a college student at LSU, he decided he was ready to meet his birth parents.

His journey was documented by New Orleans-based director Philip Braun III, and the short documentary I Lived on Parker Avenue is the result of Braun’s work. The film’s social media campaign has just begun with the release of the trailer for the short documentary film.


The full film, produced by New Orleans-based Joie De Vivre Media, will be released March 8.It’s the story of a mother’s agony in choosing what’s best, the joy of a couple starting a family, and young man’s search for where his life began.
The film has been a work of love for Scotton, Braun, and the film’s producer, Louisiana Right to Life’s own Benjamin Clapper. Their passion for sharing the message of adoption is strong, and they are excited to share the story with the public.
The Story
As he boards a train headed to Indiana, David fears how this reunion might reshape the life he cherishes with his family down South.
Waiting for him are his birth parents, now divorced. His birth mother, Melissa, is a tattooed, four-wheeling country girl who reveals a tender and maternal soul as she excitedly awaits the reunion. But nineteen years after giving birth to David, she still wrestles with her decision. Brian is David’s reserved birth father who has kept David a secret from even his closest family. He is burdened by what David will think after all these years, especially when David learns about their visit to the local abortion clinic.
Back in Louisiana, David’s parents, Jimmy and Susan, reflect on the tragic death of Susan’s two sons and anticipate the opportunity to thank Melissa and Brian in person for David. 
From the revelation of David nearly being aborted to the touching reunion with his birth parents, this film provides an uplifting message of love. 


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High Schools: You Can Host
A Pre-Release Screening
High schools can host a pre-release screening of the documentary during the 2017-18 school year, which will include an introduction, video message from David Scotton, and an onsite discussion and Q&A time with a representative about adoption, the film and the film’s message.
For more information on how to schedule a showing at your school, click here.