Sign Our Petition to Ask High Court End Abortion Loopholes

It is time for the U.S. Supreme Court to end abortion favoritism! Please sign our petition today!

In 2014, the Louisiana government passed a law requiring abortion clinics to have admitting privileges to local hospitals, ensuring that abortion businesses abide by the same regulations as other outpatient facilities in Louisiana, thereby consistently protecting the health and safety of women.

But the law has not been enacted since passage in 2014 due to the courts favoring abortion facilities and allowing loopholes for them to continue to practice regardless of operating under substandard care!

We are so excited for Louisiana to finally be at the Supreme Court in 2020 defending our common sense law. We need you to add your voice in support of health and safety standards and in protest of letting abortion businesses run to the court to protect their profit!

Sign the petition to end abortion loopholes, and we will send your name to the Supreme Court!